I am Pauline Lawson. I have long had a passion to support people and help them to grow and find their own way toward happiness, contentment, and to continually flourish. I created EmotionALL to bring coaching and wellbeing to you.

"You either walk inside your story and own it, or you stand outside your story and hustle for your worthiness"

Brené Brown

I have worked within education and with young people for over 20 years working as a teacher, principal teacher, and a depute head. Throughout my career I worked in many roles within schools and services that support children, young people, families, and professionals living and working with the impact of adversity. My role has always been to support those involved to navigate these chaotic circumstances and to work towards creating positive change. I am at my best when I am working with groups or individuals to figure out the change that is needed and how to do this.

During my teaching career I was introduced to coaching and undertook additional training and development in this area. I made great use of it throughout my career by coaching colleagues, staff, parents, and children and young people. Through learning more about coaching and my lived experience of working with people within the education sector I have taken my coaching training a step further by undertaking the necessary study to become a Transformational Life Coach beyond my education settings and to create my own business, EmotionALL Wellbeing and Coaching.

I have taken the time to work through a self-development journey of my own to create a life that I can continually flourish in. Through blending my skills, knowledge, and experience I can now confidently bring my wellbeing services to my clients and support and scaffold that flourishing process for them too.

In addition to my Bachelor of Education Honours degree, I have studied a whole range of therapeutic, holistic, and mindfulness approaches that add value to the coaching experience that I bring to my clients of any age and stage within their lives.

I have for many years known that behaviours and actions are driven by a person's emotions and feelings and this is why I go upstream to work with my own and others emotions. I apply this to my life and those I provide support for.

I continually work on creating a life where I can truly live in line with my values and now support others to do the same.

I regularly work with my own life coaches so that I continue to bring authenticity to my coaching, whilst continuing to support the flourishing within my life. 

This led to the creation of We are Eudaimonia, a collective of 4 transformational life coaches with a diverse range of skills and experiences. Together we aim to spread eudaimonia* across Scotland and beyond through social media and a range of workshops.

*Eudaimonia (n) from Greek: Human flourishing; a contented state of being happy and healthy and prosperous.

I have also worked with a collective of authors when I was invited to contribute a chapter in the book The Warrior Wellbeing Toolkit - Self help tools and techniques to Awaken your inner Warrior and live a life of wellbeing and happiness.

My chapter focussed on Resilience in children and young people.

What I have learned about myself as a coach is that anyone of almost any age can access the world of coaching and that it is up to me as a coach to unlock that for any age of client. This is where my teaching skills come into play. I am able to bring complex emotions, feelings, language, and situations to a place where we can all work within our own frame of reference and place of understanding.

Within my teaching world, no one size fits all and that works for me!

I work with individuals, groups, schools, and organisations that are ready to create sustainable change.

Since creating EmotionALL Coaching and Wellbeing in 2016 I have provided a range of professional services within the local community and in schools and services across the Lothians, Fife, and the Scottish Borders. I worked together with each establishment to create a bespoke plan to take from where they were to where they needed to be.

I have across the years continued to provide weekly and holiday classes and workshops for kids and teens to proactively support their emotional learning and give them tools to work with their emotions in healthier ways. 

I also create more personalised packages for individual children and families that need different approaches to their emotional learning and development.

I truly believe that everyone is entitled to a whole set of tools and strategies to support them to navigate through life in healthier ways, and this is what I endeavour to provide for all.

Recent personal development includes Youth Mindfulness qualifications for both Children and Teens, a Relax Kids Coach, Story Massage Facilitator, Positivity Practitioner, and Mental Health First Aid to Supervisor level. Also a range of continued professional development in both Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) approaches, Practical Philosophy, and Journalling Therapy. Alongside this I have studied Reiki, Indian Head Massage, Hand Reflexology, and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT).

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