Purpose Pods

6-session online Educator group coaching

** new group starting soon **

Jan-May selected Tuesday evenings 8.30pm

Emotional Literacy Warrior

8-session online and interactive course

Starting March 2022


"I loved these sessions!

It became a bit like talking with friends rather than a learning experience, however I was learning through others experiences, sharing and exploring my feelings and emotional wellbeing."

Previous Course Participant, May/June 2021


"Fish swim, birds fly, people feel"

Haim Ginott

What's On?

Coming Soon:      Purpose Pods Online Group Coaching for Educators, Jan-May, Alternate Tuesdays 8.30pm. [BOOK]

Running:               Purpose Pods Online Group Coaching for Adults, Jan-Apr, Alternate Tuesdays 8.30pm.

Running:               Children's Creative Coaching, term-time classes, January-February. Fridays weekly.

Running:               Teen's Creative Coaching, term-time workshops, January-February. Fridays weekly.

Who is Coaching For?

Coaching is for anyone from any walk of life who is ready to make a shift in their habits and behaviour to create and add value to their lives, big or small.

We all have emotions which impact our behaviours. To change our behaviours we need to head upstream, notice these emotions, and put some work into them.


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