• Regular term time 1hr community classes in short blocks
  • Fun activities to support learning in Emotional & Mental Wellbeing
  • Bespoke packages can be created for schools and community groups for blocks or single sessions
  • Suggested age group is 5-11 years
  • A supportive Facebook group specifically for Parents and Carers of children accessing classes

"Treat a child as though (s)he is already the person (s)he is capable of becoming"

Haim Ginott

All classes are planned using a range of approaches, skilfully blended to support the development of skills and knowledge through fun and active learning approaches. 

A safe and secure environment is provided for children to feel able to learn and practice healthy ways to deal with the range of emotions they live with across their busy lives. 

Throughout a block of classes the children will focus on a range of areas of emotional development such as increased confidence, self-awareness, impulsivity, regulation strategies, motivation, and recognising and working with their own and others emotions. 

The children also love to learn all about how the emotional brain and body works and to develop ways to work with this knowledge within their real lives.

The children learn through a range of mindful and educational approaches to develop a personalised toolkit of support.

  • Relaxation through visualisation, meditation, and quiet times.
  • Healthy self and peer massage 
  • Breathing techniques and practice
  • Calming stretching and movement 
  • Using positive affirmations
  • Developing kindness and gratitude habits
  • Fun, games, and signifier crafts to take home to support home learning

Children usually attend classes for a whole block as learning builds up week upon week.

Many continue to come for several blocks and I use my teaching skills to create each block to revisit the learning concepts in a range of different and age appropriate ways which allows skills and habits to build and learning deepen for the children.

Longer term attendance will support children and families to gradually transfer learning from the class into their real lives and homes.

Cost: 5 week block - £40

Classes at 

Hardengreen Industrial Estate, Eskbank, EH22 3NX

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