• Bespoke CAT or CLPL session
  • Bespoke In-Service sessions
  • Leadership Team and Staff consultation
  • Coaching for School Staff, Groups or 1:1
  • Universal and Targeted HWB development work with children and young people
  • Youth Mindfulness Packages for both Children and Young People

"The well-being of children is inseparable from the well-being of all the critical adults in their lives"

Dr. Stuart Shanker

Staff and pupil wellbeing is of high importance across all schools and services. 

At EmotionALL Coaching and Wellbeing a range of services can be offered to support and scaffold positive mental health and wellbeing.

A range of professional development opportunities can be provided to support learning and growth within the area of Health and Wellbeing. CAT and CLPL session can provided to meet your requirements.
This could be a targeted approach for an area that requires some growth, or joining the dots between different areas within your school HWB offerings, to a more universal support across school HWB systems and structures.
Consultation with schools would allow for a bespoke package to be created to meet specific needs with a focus on these areas.
  • Authentic Inclusion
  • Positive Discipline systems and structures
  • Positive Relationships
  • Bringing the HWB Curriculum to life
  • Nurturing Approaches
  • Emotional Literacy
Please get in touch to discuss your individual requirements to build a package that is right for your school and staff.

From time to time leaders and staff within schools may be in need coaching support. Many aspects within our lives which may include (but are not limited to) these areas for concern; e.g. workload, workplace relationships, values and beliefs, work/life balance. These will impact on mental and emotional wellbeing, and ripple across work and home lives.

EmotionALL Coaching and Wellbeing can provide Coaching opportunities for individuals, teams, and larger staff groups, with a focus on supporting, scaffolding, and reducing the negative impact these challenges within work and life can have on our mental and emotional wellbeing.

Please get in touch to discuss your individual requirements to build a package that is right for your school and staff.

Children and young people also benefit from a coaching approach to support their mental and emotional wellbeing. 

EmotionALL Coaching and Wellbeing can provide specially designed creative coaching classes for children and young people which are available for individuals, targeted groups, and universal class/school approach. 

A bespoke package can be created where I myself, as an experienced wellbeing teacher, work alongside pupils and staff teams and together build Health and Wellbeing Programmes of Work that will add value to the current groups and also become part of your school wellbeing offerings for the future. 

All creative coaching sessions are created in line with the Curriculum for Excellence Health and Wellbeing experiences and outcomes, are influenced by Nurturing Principles and Approaches, and the NHS 5 Steps to Mental Wellbeing.

Please get in touch to build a package that is right for your school and staff.

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