• Online and interactive group coaching
  • Groups limited to 6 members
  • Each Purpose Pod lasts for 6 coaching sessions
  • Cost effective
  • Ideal for:
Sharing the spotlight ~ Learning with others
Giving coaching a try ~ Gaining Accountability Buddies
Supporting Others ~ Creating a Community

"We don't have to do it all alone. We were never meant to."

Brené Brown

Is joining a Purpose Pod right for you?

Do you prefer and work better in a collaborative group setting?

  • Being part of a Purpose Pod provides amazing community and collaboration opportunities for each member of the Pod.
  • Many coaching clients prefer a collaborative environment. If your learning preference is to work in a group and you learn as much from the insights and contributions of peers, alongside your own reflections, then Group Coaching as part of a Purpose Pod is right for you.
  • Group coaching offers a rich shared experience through creating a trusted community ready to cheer each member on.

Does having the spotlight on YOU make you feel like a rabbit in the headlights?

  • This shining spotlight is not for everyone! In a Purpose Pod the spotlight will be shared to suit all members of the Pod.
  • You may have a more introverted style. Within a group, conversations and questions will feel less ‘all about you’.
  • This group approach provides more time for personal reflection and additional processing time.
  • The group coaching is always led and facilitated by a coach so you always have that choice and opportunity to speak or listen.

Not one, not two, but several Accountability Buddies!

  • You may find yourself with a whole squad of accountability buddies as opposed to just one as you would within a 1-to-1 Coaching Partnership.
  • It can be amazing to have cheerleaders and supporters, both for when things are going really well and also not so well.
  • You will have the chance to be someone else’s cheerleader or confidant along the way too!

Making Coaching Cost Effective for YOU!

  • 1-to-1 Coaching costs can be a real barrier for many people. Coaching can bring amazing results to your life, but for now is just out of your price range or you are unsure if coaching is right for you.
  • In a Purpose Pod you are sharing the space with your group and therefore sharing the costs.
  • You will be experiencing many of the amazing benefits of Coaching in this way that suits your budget.

If any or all of these work for you then Purpose Pods may just be the Perfect Fit!

"Pauline is an expert in her field and helped me focus my mind to overcome fears and indecision that held me back"

Fiona, Adult Coaching Package, 2020

How does it work?

  • Groups of up to 6 people meet on ZOOM either weekly or fortnightly for 1 hr (agreed on week 1 by the group).
  • Each session is facilitated by a Life Coach - or maybe even two – as I invite some of my Life Coach friends and colleagues with different areas of expertise.
  • As part of the group coaching process everyone within the group will have the opportunity to talk, listen, be heard, lead, sit back and take it all in, whatever works for you on any given session.
  • A Purpose Pod Group will stay together for 6 Zoom sessions plus an Introduction and Tech Check.
  • Each Purpose Pod will also have a private Facebook group for a duration of approx 3 months (so the chat and accountability can happen between sessions) and a place to learn and share on all the topics raised.
  • A settling in and tech date would be set prior to the 1st group session where group members could virtually meet and sign up to group expectations.
  • Daytime and Evening Purpose Pods have been set up to accommodate different needs.

All of this for the very low cost of £60 - which is a fraction of the cost of 1-to-1 coaching AND with so many of the coaching benefits.

Or choose Purpose Pods Plus where you can add a low cost 1-to-1 coaching session.

What type of things will we talk about in the Purpose Pod?

  • The topics shared within a Purpose Pod is really up to the groups.
  • Anything goes as long as it does not offend or cause undue distress to the group.
  • As the life coach and facilitator of the group I would check that any topic was causing offence or distress to any group member.
  • Prior to or at the beginning of each session (via the Facebook group), participants will get a chance to bring their topic and/or listen and contribute to other’s conversations, ensuring time is shared and purposeful for all.
  • Typical topics explored often are:
Work ~ career ~ raising kids ~ self-care ~ goal setting
setting boundaries ~ emotional regulation ~ shifting mindset
challenging relationships ~ and so much more...

If you have been considering coaching, have goals you wish to get focussed, wish to be actively working on your own self-development, and would benefit from a whole group of new listening & accountability buddies...

THEN ‘Purpose Pod’ Group Coaching is the way forward for YOU!

Dates and Times

Now Running: Purpose Pod for adults on selected Tuesday evenings at 8.30pm

Only £60 for 6 weeks of coaching

Or £100 to add your PLUS option

Or contact me to find out more.

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