• Children's and Teens' Summer 2-hour Sessions
  • Fun activities to support learning and Emotional & Mental Wellbeing
  • 4 self-development themes over 4 sessions for Children
  • 4 self-development themes over 4 sessions for Teens
  • Supportive Facebook pop-up group for Parents and Carers
  • Age suggestions: Children ~ P2-P6 & Teens ~ P6-S2

"A modern teacher educates children to value their emotions"

Haim Ginott

Spending a bit of time during the summer holidays working on your own Emotional Health and Wellbeing has got to be a worthwhile way for our kids and teens to spend a few days!

Emotional Skills for today, tomorrow, and for life!

Our Emotions are always with us, every waking and sleeping moment.

My belief and my experience tells me that we can all live a better life if we learn skills to work with and through our emotions in healthier ways.

Self-Development Themes

These will be the themes for both the Kids and the Tween/Teens.

I will differentiate the learning, teaching, and activities to be appropriate for the age and stage of each group - and of course each different age group tends to bring a whole different level of chat to the sessions.


Wednesday 13th July

Kids 10am - 12noon

Tweens/Teens 1pm - 3pm

Exploring worries and anxieties that we all have and how to work WITH them rather that against then. 

Learning that some worries are informative and helpful, and others can have us all spinning! How can we tell the difference?

We will also exploring commonly used worry tools (dolls, monsters, crystals) and how best to use these in a way that that is helpful and sustainable.

Mini Emotional First Aid Kit

Wednesday 20th July

Kids 10am - 12noon

Tweens/Teens 1pm - 3pm

Looking into medical first aid kits and then exploring emotional ones. both of these being beneficial and helpful in our lives.

We will create a mini practical, sensory box or bag with objects that can support our mental wellbeing and ideas on how and when to use this in proactive and reactive ways and support our own mental health and emotional regulation.

Positivity Wreaths

Wednesday 27th July

Kids 10am - 12noon

Tweens/Teens 1pm - 3pm

We will explore our natural negativity bias and how we can shift this with a range of tools and strategies. this will be supported by the creation of a Positivity Wreath, with self selected positive language and visuals. 

Together we will explore the benefits of forming positive habits such as positive self talks and a more grateful outlook on life, with all of this to work towards and developing a positive neural pathways and a more positive mindset.

Increasing / Decreasing Rainbows

Wednesday 3rd August

Kids 10am - 12noon

Tweens/Teens 1pm - 3pm

Exploring authentic growth mindset and how we can be ready to safely stretch our comfort zones. 

Sometimes our mind works so hard to keep us safe it can keep us small. 

How do we keep growing emotionally and safely? Lets find out!

Essential Information


£14 per single session – block booking of 2 or more sessions is £12.50 per session.

Get in touch for Sibling discounts - if your children/teens are in any of my summer classes then sibling/block discounts can be applied.

If paying in full causes financial hardship please get in touch and we can sort an appropriate payment plan.

Dates and Times

Classes on Wednesdays: 13th, 20th, 27th July, and 3rd August.

All kids classes run from 10am - 12noon, and Tweens/Teens from 1pm - 3pm.


EmotionALL Studio

32/8 Hardengreen Industrial Estate, Eskbank, EH22 3NX

What3Words Map Link: https://w3w.co/vibes.relishes.biggest


Classes are kept to a maximum of 10 participants per session. This allows for optimum learning within the groups.

All parents will be sent a link into a SUMMER 22 private Facebook group and from there I can share booking & info forms, payment details, and as the summer proceeds I can pop on live to give updates, etc.
You can also comment and ask questions as appropriate.

All classes are 2 hours. We do split midway for a short break and snack which I can supply, although they are welcome to bring their own. 

Dietary requirement information will be collected within the official booking form.

Other Information

In the studio I have all mats and equipment needed for the session however some children prefer to bring their own mat, blanket, cushions, and comfort toy if desired.

More practical and organisational details will come of the private Facebook group.

In my classes I use a BREATHE acrostic to guide us through our learning.


I use a blend of approaches to support learning, fun, and engagement.

~ Mindfulness activities, Relaxation Activities, Yoga & Movement,

Teambuilding Exercises and Games, Crafts ~

As a mindfulness teacher, children yoga instructor, life coach, NLP Practitioner, and a former teacher/school leader, I blend my skills to deliver these Creative Coaching Sessions, to continually build our children and teens Emotional Literacy.

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